A life enthusiast with a passion for movement, mental positivity and self love (take of the last one what you will)

Her teaching style is motivational, inquisitive and inclusive. Carrianne believes every body is A body bursting with potential and possibilities and uses a non traditional approach to yoga to help her students tap into theirs.
With 500+ hours of training and 7 years of consistent teaching in varied environments under her belt, Carrianne has manage to hone her craft in a way that makes the student feel supported yet challenged, focussed without over thinking and above all else enough as they already are.

Not a fan of an overly disciplined practice taken too seriously, Carrianne believes in an open minded approach to traditional asana to allow for a huge range of anatomy differences, past trauma, injury etc and to allow for the individual to find their own natural way of moving without restriction or rigid rules.

Heavily inspired by the teachings of Julie Martin (Brahmani Yoga) and Martin’s teachers Gary Carter, John Stirk (and their evolving knowledge and understanding of human anatomy) along side Ido Portal’s approach to a new wave of movement culture, Carrianne’s class style allows you to approach traditional (and not so traditional) asana in fresh, interesting and accessible ways. She believes the movement in between the postures is just as important if not more so than the postures themselves.