Frequently asked questions

What is a TWY gift pass?

A TWY gift pass allows the recipient unlimited access to all Third Wave Yoga has to offer for either 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the pass purchased

Do you have to be a member to get a gift pass?

No, gift passes are available to every one.

How do you redeem the gift pass?

Via a link sent directly and immediately to the gift recipient upon purchase.

How is a TWY gift pass delivered?

When you purchase the pass, you'll be given the option to mark it as a gift and enter yours and the recipients name and email plus a personal message. This will automatically be sent to the gift recipient along with a link that takes them directly to the site, allows them to claim their gift pass and set up a personalised login for Third Wave Yoga.

Does the TWY gift pass expire?

No however, once claimed the gift pass will expire when the amount of days/months gifted is up. Ie. if the gift pass is for a month, once activated, access to Third Wave Yoga will automatically cease 30 days from the date activated.

Can I return a TWY gift pass?

No. Gift pass purchases are non refundable.