Embarking on a retreat can be such a layered and nourishing experience….not just for the body and mind but for your entire being. Imagine a week where you get to prioritise sleep, nutrition, relaxation and movement whilst meeting incredible people along the way.

We strive to create a safe, caring and homely environment on our retreats always held in an abundance of nature, fresh air and sunshine. The movement sessions are developed with a huge amount of consideration and attention to detail and cultivated to mirror the natural pulse of mother nature all around us. This allows the practitioner to gain a much deeper understanding of their own bodies and flow in a way that creates strength, mobility, fluidity and connection…for life, not just for a yoga asana practice. We want you leave feeling revitalised, empowered, inspired, connected, breathing deeply and ready and equipped to guide yourself through both movement and stillness anytime, anywhere.

You my even pick up some life long friends in the process.

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