• 10 mins prep time
  • |
  • 10 mins cook time


1/2 Cup olive or almond oil (I mix both)
1/4 Cup coconut oil 
1/4 Cup Beeswax (I often make it without this...but it makes for a better consistency with) 
2tbsps non nano zinc oxide
1tsp Red Raspberry seed oil 
1tsp carrot seed oil 
2 tbsp shea butter 
Any essential oils that take your fancy as long as they're not citrus.


Put all ingredients together in a large jar except the zinc oxide.
Put the jar upright in a pan of water (a couple inches) and heat the water.
The ingredient will melt. I use a chop stick to stir it whilst it does.
When it's all liquid. Take the jar out the pan and stir in the zinc oxide until fully combined.
Let it cool. Stir it occasionally whilst cooling.
It'll eventually set and you can spread it on your skin like a butter


Check this on your skin before you plonk yourself out on a sun lounger all day as we all have different levels of tolerance to sun exposure & never lay out in midday sun.
Apply regularly throughout the day and especially after swimming.
This recipe makes roughly a SPF 20 but I cannot state that as fact because when dealing with natural ingredients out of a lab we can only estimate based on the individual ingredients SPF
This will return to liquid form when in warm climates, it's still good to go just a different consistency (like coconut oil)

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