• 60 minutes mins prep time
  • |
  • 30 minutes mins cook time


1 can salted Black Beans (if you use unsalted just add more salt to the recipe when mixing)
1 cup quinoa (cooked)
2 large sweet potato (sliced in half, smothered in olive or avocado oil and roasted at 200℃ (180 ℃ fan) until cooked and squishy right the way through)
2 tbsp BBQ Seasoning (I use Tex's)
1 tbsp Sweet Paprika (La Chinata is THE ONE)
1 heaped tbsp cumin (sometimes I add more...because I frickin' love it)
1/2 cup walnuts (blitzed to a meal in a nutri-bullet esq blender)
1/4 cup + GF plain flour to bind (this is optional, I just prefer the consistency. My favourite GF flour brand is Doves Farm)
Salt & Pepper as desired


Start by prepping and cooking the quinoa and sweet potatoes as referenced in the ingredients notes above.
Keep the oven on from the potatoes but turn it down to 180℃ (160℃ fan)
Drain the black beans and roughly mash in a large mixing bowl.
Remove the skins from your roasted sweet potatoes and add the flesh to the beans and mash in.
Add all remaining ingredients apart from the flour and stir together until fully combined.
Add flour to mixture slowly whilst stirring until you reach desired consistency, you may not need all the flour.
You want the burger mix to be moist but not so wet that you can't form it into patties.
Form as many patties as you wish, the size and shape is totally down to personal preference but I usually get around 10 patties out of this mix.
Line a large, shallow baking tray with baking parchment and oil the papers surface sparingly.
Place your patties on the baking sheet and bake in the centre of the oven for approx 30 mins, turning half way.

I'm a beast so I love eating these burgers double stacked with Violife vegan mature cheddar, a soft gluten free bun or wrapped in a romain lettuce leaf, mashed avocado and a side of homemade slaw and gherkins (as in the form porn photograph) but you can serve them up whichever way floats your boat


I don't eat gluten so I've made this gluten free but if you do, you can use normal plain white flour and so lush freshly baked rolls

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