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Become more in tune with your body, mind and breath?
Increase your range of motion, balance and flexibility?
Lose body fat, gain muscle, definition and strength?

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Increase range of motion

Increase your range of motion, balance & flexibility

Improve your mental health

See yourself in a more caring light, boost your positivity.

Healthy mind, healthy body

Lose body fat, gain muscle, definition and strength

Practice online anywhere, anytime

Variety of classes available at the click of a button.

Be more aware of your body

Become more in tune with your body, mind and breath.

New classes added monthly

Classes added on a monthly basis.

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(49p per day)

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Core, Hips, Thighs & Booty, Full Flows

Hip mobility & Core Stability

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Express, Core, Thighs & Booty, Wake Up

25 Min Abs, Thighs & Glutes

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Express, Thighs & Booty, Advanced, Grounding

Express/Advanced Bird Flow

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try it for a month?

Absolutely...there is no contract and no minimum term. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Can you cancel at anytime?

You can indeed. There is no contract and no obligation to stay signed up. If you cancel in the middle of your subscribed month, you will be granted access until the end of the 28 days then your membership will cease. Note...We do not issue refunds for days unused.

Does the membership include all classes?

Yes! The TWY membership includes absolutely all content on the website. All classes are available as standard, there is not a tier system in place, just one membership for all. You can purchase this membership as a rolling monthly or annual subscription.

How do I claim a gift pass?

If you've been gifted a TWY pass/coupon code...first of all, you have great friends :-) Secondly, you can claim it on the sign up page, here's how...

Click on Sign Up
Fill out your registration details
At the bottom of the form you will see the option ‘Have a Coupon?’ The words will change colour when you hover over them, click the link.
Copy and paste your unique voucher code (Voucher code inserted here)
Make sure the liability waiver has been read and the box ticked
Click Sign Up
You will be directed to a Paypal payment Portal…DON’T PANIC, no monies will be taken out of your account but you will need to provide your Paypal information to set up your free pass. This is because once your free pass expires you will automatically be assigned a rolling membership.
You can absolutely OPT OUT of the membership continuing simply by cancelling before your allotted voucher time period runs out. We advise setting a reminder on your phone or in your diary to prompt you to do this if you do not wish to carry on your Third Wave Yoga membership after your gifted period.

How often should I practice?

How often you practice is entirely up to you however, if you want to feel a significant difference we would advise aiming to practice 3 times a week, even if it's just 3 express sessions to begin with and then you build from there. You'll find after two weeks or so your body and mind will actually start to crave the sessions and you may even end up doing more.